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About Us


Irpac Italian Project Project is a dynamic company specialized in the supply of tailor made kitchens for the international contract channel.

We create tailor-made supply solutions suitable to satisfy any type of customer request, regardless of whether it is a developer, an architect or a general contractor.
Irpac can provide pre-assembled cabinets or kits (kitchens, wardrobes, bathroom furniture): each of them requires totally different management models.


Our staff ability to reinvent itself every day, combined with many years of expertise and experience in the kitchen and furniture sector in general is what makes us unique to the customer eyes. In this context, human resources play a fundamental role in the development of the Irpac project, guaranteeing essential business values ​​such as product quality, service, reliability and and unlimited technical solutions.




The IRPAC project is the result of thirty years of entrepreneurial experience in the modular kitchen product developed by our guide and mentor Vincenzo Barchiesi.


The story began in 1982, when Vincenzo began to shape his project idea by producing and marketing modular kitchens for the Italian RETAIL market.
The evolution of the global market and continuous new business challenges pushed him in 1994 to expand his views to foreign markets, approaching to the world of international CONTRACT for the first time.
Thanks to this opportunity Vincenzo understood the need to review his own concept of entrepreneurship: the world of contract in fact requires completely new knowledge, skills and management models that are no longer anchored to obsolete traditions.
His growth path led him in 2011 to set up Irpac Italian Project, a cut to size structure with its own peculiar features and specific internal dynamics.

Vincenzo is developing his innovative idea supported by Valeriano (his son), Michele (his nephew) and Daniele, respectively managing director and CEO, technical / design area manager and commercial area manager.
In order to continue Irpac project development, it is necessary that its team, the beating heart of the company, get involved every day by taking advantage of everyone's skills in order to safeguard an interesting combination of entrepreneurial experience & managerial flexibility which has been built during the years.