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231 East 22nd Street, Suite 23 New York NY 10010

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This is our professionalism of the Irpac team Irpac and qualitative excellence are the basis of all our productions and allow us to operate permanently in the world of high-end contract with a typically MADE IN ITALY.

Every single order acquired by our staff requires listening and attention to continuous and lasting needs of our customer for the entire life cycle of the supply: hence the β€œtailoring” of the Irpac project.

This obsessive attention to detail is essential for the success of every single contract we are going to develop, considering that each project is unique in terms of technical, commercial and logistic specifications and requires skills and abilities far beyond the standard of the traditional retail channel.


This is our philosophy of β€œworking for project”: we work by project and to enhance and affirm Irpac project in the global market.

Our design products have strong personalities because they are the result of all those daily experiences that give a new meaning to the pleasure of working together, united for the success of this innovative project.


To do this, our margin of error must necessarily be minimal, both from a relational, commercial, logistical and productive point of view.

Hence the internal need of Irpac to use an innovative management model that is flexible and entirely Just in Timethis means our structure and internal processes are shaped to the different peculiarities of the commissioned project.

Only in this way can we reduce most part of our internal costs offering high quality standards combined with on time deliveries according with installation schedules indicated by the customer.


Irpac international focus arises from our firm desire to overcome traditional commercial models strongly linked to retail channel sale methods.

Our reality was born with the aim of acquiring, developing and marketing consistent volumes of custom-made kitchens in the contract market, basically operating on sales without existent internal stocks.

This fully customized approach to the market requires our staff to have a high capacity in terms of responding to several requests from foreign buyers but, however, it doesn’t limit our commercial offer.

Beside a tailor made solution in which we excel in professionalism and reliability, we also offer solutions where customer can mix his product idea with the modularity, materials and shapes of Irpac: there are no requests for us that cannot be satisfied, but solutions to satisfy the customer's needs.